A Box of Chocolates

You know, “My Mama always said – Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get”.

Except, who doesn’t love the boxes of chocolate that come with a little map to what kinds each are? One little lid holds all of the answers to life’s possible outcomes with locations of the most appealing journey or opportunity.

…Man, if only real life was like this. Things would be so much easier…

In chocolate world if there isn’t a map then I’ll just take one bite out of each one and put them back in their spots. Now, if it happens to be dark chocolate caramel well… then I’ll just eat the whole thing. My favorites are the dark chocolate caramel ones, and I steer clear of the raspberry filled ones. I will be chugging along taking bites out of my unknown chocolate pieces when *BAM* I get hit with the unwelcome taste of raspberry cream – no thank you. I bet you think I’m going to relate this to something going on in my life right now, like maybe I got some unwanted news that’s extremely distasteful or I got the mouth-watering caramel chocolate. But nope! I don’t have good news or bad news, just news. This weeks post then is simply a glimpse into my most recent

This week began with chocolate cake for breakfast. Technically it was leftover flourless chocolate torte from easter so that means its basically healthy, right?

No? Oh well. It was Monday and the cake was delicious.

I’m a total nerd when it comes to baking this cake. I think its amazing how combining the mixtures of various “fluffiness” (densities) creates air in the cake to rise. Then when you pull the thing out of the oven it deflates into this rich, creamy texture that goes perfectly with some fresh cut strawberries – maybe a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Not to mention I just love that there is cardamom involved. I would argue this is a much under utilized spice that I should have discovered years ago.

This week also marked the end of the Crossfit Open. It absolutely kicked my butt. The last workout was not only mentally challenging, but man did it burn! I started seeing stars about halfway through; Probably from a combination of my constant turning (burpees over the bar) and the lack of pacing but when my judge handed me my score card at the end I couldn’t see straight enough to grab it from her hands.. Ei yi yi! That was a doozy.

I did the workout each Friday night after they were announced and each Saturday morning I felt like a very old lady crawling out of bed. My body has achieved a level of soreness that beyond anything I have ever experienced. BUT I am officially ranked at 56,435th place in the entire world (among women). If you break it down further to my region – the south east – and even further to the women that scaled then I come in at 220th place. I like to imagine that I am somewhat fit, but this number humbling to say the least. There are women out there that are totally badass.

Something cool that also happened this week was that I heard news that I’ve been placed on the alternate list for medical school at CU. Apparently I’m in the top-priority section of their list (top third) with a “high likelihood” of being accepted. I’m not holding my breath, but this is the next step in the many steps it takes to attend medical school (most of which include waiting, waiting, and more waiting). They have until August 15th to notify me of an acceptance so in the mean time I will shadow some more docs, prep new essays, and keep chugging along through this box of chocolate called life.

Today is beautiful in the A – I’m calling this glimpse a wrap. See y’all again next week.

Chicken curry sandwich @ my newest favorite coffee shop




  1. Keep these coming Madeline, I so enjoy them! Proud of your cross fit experience and your results!! Love you, Aunt Deanna


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