Tick Tock

The days feel long, but man, the months are flying by. We are entering into our last week of April and I sit here asking myself the same question that my parents asked a couple of days ago, “What’s new Madeline?”

When they asked me I sort of paused and then answered, nothing really – I’m just plugging along. I hated myself for giving them this answer, not only because it is so uninformative, but I have always been the kid that would share, in great detail, the most boring parts of their day. I love story telling. Maybe it comes from my love of reading, because I certainly enjoy that too. If you give me a good book I could easily have my nose in it the entire day imagining far off places, other worlds, and different times. So, I love to weave together stories and let people in on the happenings in my life. I guess it’s not surprising then that I started writing a blog – ha! But, it is surprising, that when I have the chance to tell them about my week I can’t think of what has happened. Let’s see –

I worked a lot (it pretty much takes up most of my time) and this particular week I’m anxious about an exciting opportunity. I’m preparing to present my research project at a national conference in Minneapolis that isn’t for another 2 weeks, but for some reason – in my head – I think its happening next week. I’m in panic mode. I know it will all be fine, and everyone has to start out somewhere, but a part of me keeps comparing it to a kindergartner trying to participate in the middle school science fair. But really, I’m thrilled to be going and I’ve never been to Minnesota.

That’s just one thing of many new things. Next time I answer with “nothing really” hit me with a slap on the wrist and “I know you can do better than that”.

I’m posting a few photos from the hike I went on yesterday with some friends. Sweetwater Creek State Park has an easy trail that winds along the creek. We were attempting to cross the creek by jumping over rocks and we were less than successful, but it was a good time out in the sunshine.

This might be humorous to some people –

I was dog sitting this weekend and attempted to do a yoga video in the living room only to have the dogs decide to wrestle right on my mat. Thanks Bailey and Douglas you’re pretty darn cute, but yoga is impossible with you two around.


& That

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Earl grey, milk, and honey @ Dr. Bombay’s

“The world is too much with us; late and soon,

Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers –

Little we see in the Nature that is ours;”

– William Wordsworth

Often I find myself caught up in the everyday hustle. Scrambling to check off items on my “get shit done” lists and pausing only to check the latest posts in my Instagram feed. I have to remind myself to breath; something that should come naturally and yet with all of the things that are expected of me I too easily forget. What I really need is a yoga instructor following me around all day queuing my inhales and exhales.

– inhale – run to catch the MARTA for work

– exhale- run to catch the MARTA home from work

Alas, I am without a personal guru so I have decided to settle for gratitude, and writing a blog.

I began thinking of this blog a few years ago before I graduated college, and even more as I was getting ready to move across country. I needed courage, and a little bit of time, to begin writing. I’m not sure I will ever have the buckets of courage I am hoping for, but I have the time, so here I am putting my pen to the paper.

A few weeks ago I was hanging out at the Huey Christmas and my cousin Katie said something that caught my attention. She shared some advice a friend had given her. Advice that encourages us to spend our lives 80:10:10. 80% of our time should be spent embracing the present, 10% planning for our future, and 10% honoring our past. It sounds nice and easy right?

That would be a big, fat, juicy NO because if I’m being honest with myself then I would say my split is more like 10:75:15. I’m too worried about my 5-year plan (ahem, 1 week plan) to enjoy my now moments, and then I’m too worried about what I should have done differently 3 days ago that I miss what I should be doing differently today.

Phew! I’ve given myself a headache.

If 2015 taught me anything its that life plans don’t always work out the way we expect them to. And really, isn’t 75% of my time spent worrying about the things God already has planned for me a huge waste of my time?

My intention for this blog is to bring to life the magic, beauty, and grace of the seemingly mundane moments of everyday life. I’m hopeful this will bring a breath of fresh air into my lungs, and maybe yours too. Let’s shift our perspective to the present together.

P.S. MARTA is the public transit system in Atlanta. It is notoriously never on schedule. Unfortunately neither am I… I always seem to be 2 minutes too late for the bus, or 20 minutes too early.

P.P.S. Blogging is new for me so please be kind, but also feel free to send any advice, guidance, or suggestions my way!