Tick Tock

The days feel long, but man, the months are flying by. We are entering into our last week of April and I sit here asking myself the same question that my parents asked a couple of days ago, “What’s new Madeline?” When they asked me I sort of paused and then answered, nothing really – I’m…… Continue reading Tick Tock

Freedom on a Saturday

My thoughts on this guilt-free Saturday – 1. I LOVE sleeping in. I lazily woke up at 11 am to hear my neighbors wind chime echoing in the breeze *magic* I walked to a local coffee shop, ordered a tea, and enjoyed the moment. There was an adorable puppy playing tricks, students studying, a new…… Continue reading Freedom on a Saturday

So Worth Loving

    3, 2, 1 Go – Four little words that cause my palms to sweat, my pulse to quicken, and my muscles to tense up. When the clock beeps it’s go time and I start moving towards the goal of the day  – rounds, reps, time, or just plain finishing. Though I have many…… Continue reading So Worth Loving