Minneapolis – A short review

Minneapolis, Minnesota

In the last 12 months I’ve taken 8 trips. That doesn’t really sound like that many to the seasoned traveler, but to me that’s a record. My latest was to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I flew to Minnesota to attend a scientific conference for pediatric hematologists and oncologists, and to present my research project. Now, I’m not any of those two things, but after this trip that may just become the trajectory for my career. I can’t predict what my future holds, but I can hope some and plan some and then wait to see the way this crazy life unfolds… What I do know, is that deep in my soul I felt a flutter of excitement at being a part of something  bigger. At learning things that no one knows the answers to yet and using our new knowledge to help others.

Sappy feelings aside, the trip was a bit of a whirlwind as I left for the airport early Wednesday morning after a sleepless night. I don’t dream very often, but that night I woke several times in a panic – I kept imagining that I somehow managed to leave the massive poster tube laying in the middle of my living room. What a terrible thing that would have been! *Never fear, I traveled from Atlanta to Minneapolis and back with my poster tube in tow.

I touched down in Minneapolis to rain and cloudy weather, caught the Super Shuttle and arrived at the hotel where I faced the toughest question of the trip – which bed do I sleep in?

The rest of the trip flew by as a series of educational sessions, awkward networking and mingling, a burger at Hell’s Kitchen – the Juicy Lucifer, saki bombs, ice cream with some new friends, and a run along the Mississippi. Overall, Minneapolis is a pretty solid city. It actually reminds me a lot of Denver and I just might come back to visit one day.

Now it’s back to Atlanta for 3 days, then I’m off again – this time to party it up in CO because my baby brother is graduating high school y’all. What is this life????

– Someone pinch me – 



  1. Nice review, definitely much better than my last trip there. It was just before Valentine’s Day so much warmer during you respite from the South.


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