We went to Utah for the mountains. Well, we got em’.

Mountains were something that I could behold on a daily basis, they seemed incredibly normal and comforting to me, so it was cool to hear Madi and Haley comment on the magnificent glory of these silent giants. The way they seem to come up suddenly out from the flat valley and climb towards the stars is truly a site worth seeing and I’m so glad I was able to be with them for their first time.

[As we hiked around parts of Utah I was reminded me of this time I took the girls I babysat hiking with me. We went to Chautauqua in Boulder, CO and did the well-trodden Bluebell-Baird trail. As we walked up the initial rise from city -> forest the girls kept turning around every 50 ft to exclaim “WOW, we are SO high up! This is SO cool!”. Every time they would turn to see the view their faces would light up with wonder. I became acutely aware of what the mountains looked like through their eyes and I was also taken aback by their beauty]

Just like that day in Boulder I got to see the mountains through a different lens. My views have been challenged this last year on how I approach each day and I have grown to see the world through a different lens; one that includes Christ and his unending love for us. It’s a lot a bit scary when you surrender your trust, but I rest easier knowing I will be taken care of.

I wrote a blog this week for Enjoy the Journey. This page is a glimpse into different people’s lives and what enjoying the journey means to them. For some, it means dropping everything and traveling the world, while for others it means staying and intentionally seeking connection. When I started to think of how I enjoy the journey I was on MARTA riding home from work, thinking to myself how that was a journey in and of itself – you never know what you’re gonna get. I realized that how we choose to live our simple lives in the mundane moments is where we choose if we are going to enjoy our journey or not. And if you haven’t gotten the point of this blog yet let me spell it out – I want to celebrate the every day. I want to be grateful for what I have. I want to expose the beauty and grace right under our noses.

Anyways, check out my ETJ post – let me know what you think [or don’t], but I hope you are encouraged to choose to enjoy your journey in whatever capacity you know how. Also…Utah.


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