An Open Letter to my Dreams


Dear Admissions Committee –

I have seen your rejection  letter. Actually, I’ve read it many times, over and over again. You see, I’m trying to figure out if what I’m reading is some sort of sick joke or if it’s real life. Are you trying to test me? Is this an attempt to figure out my character – if I will respond with defeat or if I will persevere? Someone pinch me.




All of which are emotions I’ve felt over the last few months, but most of all I have been left feeling inadequate. While on some level your letter has the right to tell me whether I’m good enough – clearly I wasn’t good enough to join your program – but does your letter have the right to define how I view my own worth?

I’ve decided to answer this with a resounding no. I will not let your decision derail my future plans to care for patients, to understand disease, to change the way we treat people. I will not let your decision cause me anymore pain, but instead I will use your decision to become better, stronger, and more capable than ever before.

In all honesty there are more silver linings to this scenario than I would have imagined.

For 1, I finally feel like I’m getting settled in Atlanta. Moving is hard, but I’m 6 months in and I have a solid group of friends to do life with, work is going well, and I don’t have to use my GPS every time I get in the car (Hallelujah!).

Number 2, with another year of life under my belt I am armed with more ammunition for the dreaded secondaries – meaning the hours of agonizing over how my childhood in suburbia will help me contribute to the diversity within each individual program.

3, instead of worrying about where I will be in the next year I find comfort in that I know I will be in the heart of Georgia. In most recent years my life has been marked by transition and I look forward to the consistency of staying in one place.

And 4, I got to visit Charleston, South Carolina on a interview and it was amazing. I’m certainly not complaining about being wined and dined and driven around in horse-drawn carriages.


So after hours of thought and reflection I’ve formulated a response and declare that this year will be my year. 2016 – it has a nice ring to it. Get ready admissions because I’m about to rock your world.


Madeline Grace

Now, I know this is all easier said than done so I am heading to my Pinterest board in search of as many motivational quotes I can find. Today, I’m borrowing one of my favorites from my lovely sister Anna and enjoying it over a cup of coffee, black –

“Success is just a collection of well curated failures”

– Heres to taking failures and transforming them into art-


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