The Great Donut Debate

One thing Atlanta has a lot of is donut shops. There is the plethora of Dunkin Donuts and Krispie Kremes, but there are also the small shops that sell nothing but sweetness, sugar, and sublime tastiness.

Now, I’ve only tried two of the most highly rated places – Sublime and Revolution – but I’ve come to a conclusion on my favorite one. So really, it’s not a debate as to which shop is better, but rather which donut is best @ Revolution Donuts.

This time I tried 4 different flavors –

  1. Dark chocolate
  2. True blueberry
  3. Cinnamon sugar
  4. Coconut

So much mouthwatering goodness in every single bite, for every single donut. BUT the winner was the coconut. The flavors meshed perfectly. The coconut wasn’t overpowering, and the cake donut seemed to melt in my mouth – how do they do it?

Revolution has many other kinds including the peach slider, apple fritters, orange pistachio, and even a caramel bacon (I’m drooling). Not to mention they are beautiful! Revolution is seeking to change the way people think about donuts and without a doubt I believe they are achieving it.

Today, I’m celebrating in the simplicity of a donut. The slow mornings they remind me of and the sweet delight as the dough graces your tastebuds.

 “New mysteries. New day. Fresh donuts” – David Lynch

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