Oct. 1

Wow. I blinked and here we are – it’s October 1st.

It seems like overnight the weather has changed here in Atlanta too. We’ve finally broken through the scorching days and into the blissful season that is Fall. It’s cool in the mornings, bearable during the day (without all of the humidity), and then cool again in the evenings. Plus, all the leaves are starting to change color, and with all of the trees here in the city its almost as magical as when they started to bloom 7 months ago.

I’m excited for this changing of the seasons because it reminds me of our ability to adapt to the transitions happening around us. It reminds me of the beauty and fills me with wonder for the places we call home. You will probably never find me living in a place that doesn’t experience seasons; honestly, I can’t imagine going a whole year without snow, the fresh blooms after a cold winter, a vibrant green summer, followed by the crunchy leaves of fall.

While this time of year is bringing up feelings of joy and excitement, I’m also finding myself yearning for home. Social media has been filled with images from all of my friends/family in Colorado these past few weeks of the seasons changing. When the aspen leaves change in Colorado the hills come alive with color – a vibrant and dynamic gold. It’s absolutely breathtaking. While we have lots of leaves change here in Georgia and it’s beautiful, I think what this event makes me miss the most are the memories associated with fall. I’m missing when my friends and I would go to the Colorado football games – #GoBuffs, when we would have quiet weekends at the Titmouse house, or Saturday afternoons on some rooftop. Mostly, I’m just really missing home and all of the people that go with it.

These feelings ebb and flow with my day-to-day and I know I’m going to blink again and it will be Christmas. I’ll blink again and it will be summer, then once more and I’ll be back home. To enjoy life in the moment is the true challenge; one that requires adaptability and patience, and I suppose a little courage too.

Here are some photos of the Colorado leaves changing for you to enjoy —


(courtesy of the lovely Katie Mallett)

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