Escapades at the Polar Star Inn

Touch the sky.

We started off strong at the trailhead; packs strapped to our backs, skins on our skis, boots locked in. With one foot in front of the other we glided along the road, slowly climbed up into the trees and away from the car. The weather was prime, not too cold-not too hot, with the sun…… Continue reading Escapades at the Polar Star Inn

Oct. 1

Wow. I blinked and here we are – it’s October 1st. It seems like overnight the weather has changed here in Atlanta too. We’ve finally broken through the scorching days and into the blissful season that is Fall. It’s cool in the mornings, bearable during the day (without all of the humidity), and then cool…… Continue reading Oct. 1


It was an early morning, but it was totally worth it

The ever so elegant way of telling your friends to “Have a great summer”. I wrote this in many yearbooks throughout my day mostly because when I was younger I didn’t know how to be thoughtful. I didn’t know how to make someone feel special – make them feel like I was really going to…… Continue reading #HAGS