Escapades at the Polar Star Inn

Touch the sky.

We started off strong at the trailhead; packs strapped to our backs, skins on our skis, boots locked in. With one foot in front of the other we glided along the road, slowly climbed up into the trees and away from the car. The weather was prime, not too cold-not too hot, with the sun…… Continue reading Escapades at the Polar Star Inn

5 Beautiful Things

To round out this season of thankfulness, gratitude, and joy my cousin Katie has issued her own form of challenge. Katie is the creator of the blog – 52Beautiful Things. She uses her platform to illuminate beautiful things she encounters each and every week. Katie was a huge inspiration to me when I first started…… Continue reading 5 Beautiful Things

Max Patch Mountain

When I first realized that I wouldn’t be spending Thanksgiving with my family I decided I wanted to go camping. Lately, I’ve been using Instagram to inspire all of my adventures and I had seen pictures of this place called Max Patch. Not only does the name sound fun, but the photos people were posting were…… Continue reading Max Patch Mountain


We went to Utah for the mountains. Well, we got em’. Mountains were something that I could behold on a daily basis, they seemed incredibly normal and comforting to me, so it was cool to hear Madi and Haley comment on the magnificent glory of these silent giants. The way they seem to come up suddenly…… Continue reading Utah


2 weekends, 2 trips. With a lot of hustle in between. Wow, I’m tired. I went to the beach at Cape San Blas [Florida] and Eden [Utah]. I saw sand dunes and mountains, changing leaves, and stars. Oh my stars. There are few things in this world that make me gasp in wonder other than…… Continue reading Gratitude//Joy

Lake Norman, NC

I give mad props to all of the bloggers that post multiple times a week. Some days it’s just impossible to sit down and write anything – even now, I’m sitting on my stoop writing in whatever spare minutes I have this evening.  This weekend I made spontaneous plans to visit friends in North Carolina…… Continue reading Lake Norman, NC

Minneapolis – A short review

Minneapolis, Minnesota

In the last 12 months I’ve taken 8 trips. That doesn’t really sound like that many to the seasoned traveler, but to me that’s a record. My latest was to Minneapolis, Minnesota. I flew to Minnesota to attend a scientific conference for pediatric hematologists and oncologists, and to present my research project. Now, I’m not…… Continue reading Minneapolis – A short review